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Estate and trust issues can be complicated. Davis, Davis & Associates has extensive experience guiding clients through the process of planning for the future and protecting their families. Our staff is well versed in the recent estate tax law changes and will thoroughly explain your options so you'll be well equipped to make important decisions.

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We offer a free consultation for individuals, trustees, executors and attorneys interested in learning more about our estate and trust planning and administration services.


Pittsburgh, PA Estate and Trust Services

Davis, Davis & Associates helps successful individuals develop and implement asset protection, trust, and estate plans that enable you to achieve your goals and maximize what beneficiaries receive. Good estate planning is more than just having a will. It’s about having a comprehensive plan to protect, grow and preserve your wealth and assets for future generations.

Our Pittsburgh CPA firm doesn’t just assist you in developing your estate plan. We help you coordinate your plan with other advisors, including your attorney, insurance agent or others, that you need in order to implement the plan and see results.

We also work closely with trustees and executors, helping them navigate their list of responsibilities through services like fiduciary accounting, estate and trust administration and tax preparation and planning.

If you have further questions, we invite you to call our office at 412-391-2226 and ask to speak with Howard Davis about our accounting, tax planning and advisory services for estates and trusts. There is no cost or obligation for the introductory consultation so contact us today.

Our clients include:

  • Estate attorneys
  • High net worth individuals
  • Trustees
  • Executors