Pittsburgh, PA CPA Firm

Services for Trustees and Executors

If you are named Executor, Trustee or Corporate Trustee of an estate, that appointment comes with a variety of complex and demanding duties and responsibilities that you may not be prepared to handle. Our Pittsburgh CPA firm is well equipped to assist Executors, Trustees and Corporate Trustees meet their fiduciary obligations and responsibilities under the law.

Estate Administration

We help Executors and Trustees manage estate administration issues. Our primary goal is to help the estate preserve wealth for future generations through a variety of planning methods.

Estate Tax Planning and Tax Preparation

Our Pittsburgh CPA firm can help estates and trusts minimize taxes through aggressive tax planning. In addition, we will prepare all federal and state tax returns.

Fiduciary Accounting

We can prepare fiduciary accountings for estates, trusts and more. We can also ensure the accountings are in compliance with the probate guidelines and meet all the court requirements.